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Can a damaged garage door be repaired?

Aurora damaged garage door


One of the main entries to your house is the garage door, so you want to know that they are functioning correctly at all times. If you own complications with your current garage door, you need to hire a licensed garage door company to determine if it requires fixing or replacing.


Covered are the average garage door repair costs in 2021 for the United States. I’ve also covered some garage door repair costs pictures, graphics, and designs that include high, low, and average prices for garage door repair, installation, and replacement costs. It also covers garage door part repair and replacement costs.


One resolution to give new life to your garage door is repair. Lesser dents, rot, rust, or holes can be repaired without replacing.

Depending on the type and place of the damage, you might have an alternative to replacing panels or entire garage doors. Garage doors can be harmed by extreme weather, vehicle contact, or general wear and tear.




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Garage door panel repair can save homeowners money but should be weighed against garage door panel replacement. Installation of an original panel begins at $250 for the simplest 9′ panel, up to a high of $700 or more for a more elaborate 16′ replacement panel. Match this to garage door replacement cost, including labor and supplies, to run you about $1000.


The expense to repair your garage door panel is likely to depend on the garage door repair company’s or service person’s hourly charge. Examine what is covered by your warranty, get price estimates, and decide which solution is the most cost-effective. When considering costs and benefits, remember that safety is paramount.


Standard repair prices are $130 for steel door repairs, $190 for wood, $170 for aluminum, and $150 for fiberglass, depending on what is wrong with the panel. Panel repair is one of the more costly garage door fixes.

If your garage door is scratched, curved, pricked, rusting, or presenting any other signs of damage, it might be time to renew your door. If your doors are aged, the garage door opener, tracks, and springs can be broken or stressed as well, which can be a safety danger.


Garage doors can cost $270 for a single door and up to $2,080+ for two doors or more, with an average of $1,079 for complete garage door replacement. You could install the door yourself, but the weight of some garage doors is hefty, so make sure you have an assistant if you are trying DIY garage door replacement. Contact a professional or do research online to find out the average weight of different types of garage doors.


The definitive factor in your garage door panel replacement or repair decision could well be the fact that garage door technology has been updated in recent years. Complete garage door replacement is the most esthetic choice and best for your home’s curb appeal.



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Another factor is what action resulted in a damaged garage door panel. This is possibly an issue associated with broken or damaged garage door cables or the springs.


Most home centers don’t carry all the replacement parts you’ll need for garage door spring replacement, and most garage door service companies won’t sell you springs. Elite Garage Doors is Aurora homeowner and business owner’s #1 choice for garage door repair, garage door service, replacement, and new garage door installations.


The cost to repair the panel is directly associated with the repairman’s hourly rate. The charge to repair a garage door is $80 to $1,500, depending on the problem.