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How do I fix my garage door spring?

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You’re watching TV, and suddenly you hear a bang coming from the garage. You’re getting up and going to have a look. You’re looking at your garage door, and you don’t see anything out of the ordinary. The morning after, you’re about to leave the house for work. You get into your car, and you activate your garage door. Surprised, you hear an irregular noise and realize something is wrong. You look up and see that your garage door spring broke! You need to open and close your garage as soon as possible for obvious security reasons. How did this situation happen, and how do I fix my garage door spring?


For residential garage doors, there are two types of spring. There is the torsion spring system, which is usually above the garage door in a steel tube. Then there is an extension springs system, which is on both sides of the door. The garage door opens and closes when the springs stretch.


The spring tension is at its highest when the garage door is down. So most of the time, the spring breaks when you close the door. Unfortunately, it can also happen when the door is open, and then there is a risk of the door crashing down.


There are few reasons why the spring can break, such as wear over time, manufacturing defect, poor spring calibration, or a lack of maintenance. You can always try to maintain by yourself your garage door, for example, by lubricating the important parts. When it comes to fixing a garage door, you should always ask for help from a professional for security reasons. At Elite Garage doors, our team of experienced technicians will take care of your spring replacements and any other garage door repairs in the Denver area. If you want to know more about garage doors, we’ll be happy to advise you.


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