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Everyone should have a garage! Am I right or what? Hey, if you have a vehicle, which I’m sure you do, you should have a decent place to store it, and keep it sheltered from the harsh elements

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It’s probably reasonably safe to state that most middle-class houses have garages with lift master garage door openers or some brand name of an opener.

Not given that I was a kid have, I found the manual variations. Not that these weren’t fine at one time. They certainly didn’t trouble me when we had them back in high school when I received my driver’s license. It was not a big deal. I would pull up to the garage door, hop out of my vehicle, jerk up the garage door, and after that, re-enter my truck to drive in. The down-side was that there were no lights ever on since it’s not like you’re going to leave them on all the time.

And, my preferred, the door would often fall back down. Wow, was that ever irritating! Aside from that, the manual garage doors were ideal. So, what about power doors and lift master garage door openers? Who am I kidding? It would not be perfect to resort back to the manual design.

These days I roll up to my driveway, press a button on the visor in my car, and pull into the well-lit garage. It has a safety light that kicks on when the door opens. Then, once I’m in, I push the button once again, and I’m safe inside.