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Most Common Garage Door Problems

Most Common Garage door problems

The garage door is a strong, durable piece of equipment. But even the most well-maintained opener will eventually need to be replaced or repaired because accidents happen, and it’s important that you protect yourself with insurance coverage if possible!

When one part of your garage door is not operating properly, it could affect the whole system and potentially lead to an accident. We’re going to be taking a closer look at eight of the most common garage door issues, so you know exactly what could go wrong with your garage door and when to call in the experts:


Some people think the only problem with their garage door is that it doesn’t open and close smoothly. In fact, there are many other issues that can arise including squeaky hinges or rollers as well as grinding noises coming from your machine’s motor if you don’t lube regularly – all of these symptoms mean one thing: something needs fixing!

Other problematic sounds to be aware of include rubbing, squealing, screeching, scraping, popping, and banging.


The garage door is one of the most important components in your house. It’s not just about looking good and protecting you from rain, but also giving protection to what’s on top – like cars! Damaged or cracking doors can lead to security issues as well as moisture problems that could make their way into other areas where they shouldn’t be such interference with natural airflow. And let me tell you when we say cracks…we mean every single gap there are all across this thing!!


If you want to keep your garage from getting wet, cracks are going to appear in the weather sealant. You can tell when it needs replacing because of its age and wear as well as small breaks that start appearing all over again!


Garage door problems are not only common but can be solved with the right knowledge. A Garage Door may open slightly before closing due to debris on its tracks or rollers however, there could also exist something blocking our opening such as an object stuck between two panels near where they meet at ceiling height. If nothing prevents you from operating yours then chances are good that one of these sensors has become dislodged – damage might even reside within their alignment itself!


Garage door openers are a big safety concern! Thankfully, you can fix the problem quickly and easily by resetting your opener’s limit switch. If that doesn’t do it either then there may be an issue with wiring or buttons on their unit in rare cases, they’ll even share codes for certain models which means one will unexpectedly open when another nearby goes down.


When the remote control for your garage door doesn’t work, it can be frustrating. Luckily there are some quick fixes that will get things back on track and keep you from being driven crazy! First, try resetting them by removing/inserting new batteries – if this doesn’t do anything then call professionals who know what they’re doing.


The garage door is a vital part of your home. It’s important to maintain the safety and functionality of this essential passage by replacing worn-out parts like torsion springs, which can have an adverse effect on opening or closing it properly due to their age-related decline in performance with use over time if not replaced when needed Most garages to come equipped with new ones, but sometimes they don’t work well, so you’ll need professional help when necessary!


Garage doors are the perfect way to keep your home safe from intruders. A garage door that is off track or has other problems can pose quite a danger, so it’s important for you to fix these issues as soon as possible! With our extensive knowledge in Aurora Elite Garage Doors, we will make sure no stone goes unturned when tackling any type of problem with or without urgency – contact us today.