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Common Garage Door Problems In Parker: Causes And Solutions

Garage Door Repair

Most home or business owners in Parker experienced common garage door problems. Do you notice one of them and notice your garage is making a lot of noise? Is it looking uneven or performing worse than normal? There’s probably one or more causes! 

Have you experienced any garage door problems in Parker? We at Elite Garage Doors laid out some common Causes and Solutions to make the door run properly. We tell you when to contact a professional garage door repair team for further assistance.

Trouble in Functioning

Garage doors make your life easier! Being trapped behind a closed door is a dreadful experience. Are you experiencing this issue? Does your garage door won’t function because it is off balance? Deactivate the power source and manually raise the door to assess its balance. If it remains steady, then it is properly balanced and aligned. If it doesn’t, there might be a problem with the fuse. If you’ve tried & still aren’t opening or closing, contact a professional to do garage door repair in Parker.

Garage Door Repair

Blocked Sensors

Do you face difficulty in opening or closing your door? It could happen due to sensors. It may be covered or obscured. It is necessary to inspect areas where obstacles could potentially interfere with signal transmission. Make sure no branches or plants block the sensor while using your remote! Occasionally, the antenna may lose alignment – a simple solution is to realign it.

Broken Springs

The major element in your garage door is extension or torsion springs. It may snap & your garage door can drop quickly. The door has the potential to slam shut, resulting in damage to your vehicle or injury to another individual. If you hear your springs snap, do not try to open your garage because it may cause injury. Keep your springs’ lifespan in mind, and contact a professional garage door repair team to replace them with a new one. 

Roller Issues

The rollers in your garage door will last for longer but it depends on the material such as plastic, steel, or nylon. The functionality of the rollers is limited to their maximum cycle limit. The operation of your door may be hindered by old or corroded rollers. In case they continue to cause difficulties, it might be necessary to consider replacing them.

Garage Door Repair

Failing Opener

A garage door opener allows you to use the garage efficiently. If your opener is used fifteen years or more then it likely outlived its lifespan. An old or overheating or dying opener could be the culprit! You should always hire a professional garage door repair service to update, install, or replace the garage door opener. 

Unusual Noises

Having unusual noises is a significant sign that there is an underlying problem. Certain noises may be insignificant, whereas others demand urgent and expert intervention. Some issues and noises happen due to mechanical issues. Such as:

Garage Door Repair
  • Loose chains: slapping
  • Loose rollers: grinding, squeaking and squealing
  • Loose nuts and bolts: vibrating and rattling
  • Rust: clinking
  • Broken springs: popping and rumbling
  • Alignment: banging, straining, scraping and rubbing

Are you uncertain about the sound you are hearing or its origin? It is best to contact a professional garage door repair in Parker to troubleshoot the thing.

Uneven Door

Occasionally, you may observe an unusual appearance or uneven movement of your door. The presence of rust can lead to one side of the door moving at a different pace than the other. At times, an uneven door can be attributed to obstructions in its path. It is important to remove any obstacles that hinder the door’s smooth operation. Moreover, snapped springs can pose a danger and result in severe injuries. If the issue lies within the spring system, it is advisable to seek assistance from a professional and minimize the usage of the door.

Slow Opening

Opening doors slowly can often lead to frustration. This issue may arise from rollers, insufficient lubrication, and other factors. It is advisable to schedule regular maintenance for your system at least biannually.

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