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Garage Door Installation: What You Need To Do Before The Installation Day

garage door installation

So you are looking for a quality garage door for your space. You probably did your research, and looked several things online until your eyes tired! You may browse countless pages of garage door designs, colors, and styles. But unfortunately, you may not find the o for your dream home or commercial space. You may wonder how to get the right garage door for your property. A professional garage door installation team comes to your rescue in such situations. 

At Elite Garage Doors, we love helping you find the right garage door for your home & commercial space. Our job remains unfinished until we have skillfully executed the installation. In general, you can relax and allow our proficient technicians to take charge. Nevertheless, you must be aware of the installation process to guarantee a seamless operation.

garage door installation

The pre-installation checks

This marks the initial stage of the installation procedure. Due to the unique characteristics of each garage, we must conduct a thorough site inspection and gather all the necessary information and measurements. This will enable us to guarantee a seamless and tailored installation process for you.

Scheduling the installation

After the pre-installation check is finished, we will arrange a suitable day for your installation based on your availability. Make sure to mark it in your calendar or set a reminder on your phone to avoid forgetting. You need to be present on the day of the installation for our team. It will be helpful in gaining access to your garage.

Preparing your garage for the installation

For our technicians to carry out the installation of your garage door with utmost precision, they must have a secure working environment. Before the arrival of our dedicated garage door installation team, kindly ensure that any potential obstructions are removed from the designated area. It would greatly facilitate the process if you could provide our installation team with a tidy and organized space. Failure to do so may result in the need to reschedule the installation. In addition, we need access to a power source, as extension cords can pose a safety risk.

garage door installation

What to expect from our installation team

When you work with the garage door installation team at Elite Garage Doors. Our team of certified and skilled technicians specializing in garage door installation ensures that you can have complete peace of mind. They possess the necessary expertise to proficiently install, repair, and maintain any kind of garage door.

We’ll inspect it thoroughly after we install your door. We do it to ensure that it’s working optimally and there will be no safety concerns. We’ll also answer any questions you have. You can ask anything if you forget to ask, we’re just a call away. We will clean up your space and suggest the best to dispose of your old garage door.

Understanding the installation warranty

Each garage door you buy from us includes an identical installation guarantee. Some of them are:

  • Installation defects, for a few months (as agreed) after the installation date
  • Service or repair defects, for up to a few days (as agreed) following a service appointment
  • Garage door part defects, for up to a few days (as agreed) following the date of purchase
  • Missing parts or hardware
garage door installation

Please be aware that your garage door also comes with a separate warranty from the manufacturer. This warranty is provided by the company that produced the door and it specifically covers any defects or issues related to the materials and craftsmanship of the door itself. contact us today for more information on the installation and manufacturer’s warranties!

Still shopping for your garage door?

If you are still in the process of shopping, please get in touch with us today! We can assist you in evaluating your choices. You can also browse our inventory online. We help you with different designs, which show you how different garage door styles will look on your home. Once you have made your selection for a garage door, you can rely on our installation service and maintenance programs. Please get in touch to confirm and for more information.