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Garage Door Spring Repair: Your Solution for a Smooth Door Movement

Garage Door Spring Replacement

When a garage door spring breaks, it is hard to miss the loud noise that accompanies it. Once this happens, you will immediately feel the full weight of the garage door when attempting to lift it. The weight can range from 150lbs to 400lbs, depending on the size and specifications of the door. 

Although it may appear simple to fix the spring mechanism at first glance, it can be more challenging than anticipated.  Replacing a broken spring involve potential risk of injuries. Hence, it is highly recommended to hire a certified professional for the job. We ensure that the task is handled safely and effectively. The garage door spring replacement cost is very low then you imagine. However, it depends on the type of spring you need and its installation time.

Understanding The Garage Door Spring Types

Torsion springs are installed onto a torsion tube positioned directly above the garage door. The number of springs required depends on the size and weight of the door. In the event of a torsion spring breaking, it may remain connected to the torsion tube. 

However, it is important to note that it can also cause additional damage or become dislodged. It might pose potential hazards. Extension springs are aligned parallel to the horizontal tracks of the garage door. If an extension spring breaks and a safety cable is in place, it prevents the spring from forcefully “flying out” and causing harm.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

In both the torsion spring and extension spring systems, the springs serve as counterweights, ensuring that the weight of the garage door is balanced. When the garage door is being opened, the springs reduce its weight to approximately 8 – 10 pounds. With proper balance, the garage door can be easily lifted with just one finger and will remain in position when released. 

It is important to regularly rebalance or ‘reset’ the garage door springs, ideally at least once a year or more frequently depending on the frequency of door usage. Additionally, a skilled garage door technician will lubricate the springs to prolong their lifespan. 

What is the typical price range for replacing a spring on a garage door? 

On average, the cost of garage door spring replacement ranges from $275 to $450. The final price will depend on various factors such as the type, gauge, and length of the spring needed for your particular garage door.

Is it acceptable to replace just one garage door spring? 

If you are contemplating replacing a single garage door spring, it is recommended to replace both. Choosing to install two new springs guarantees even wear and tear, which improves the overall performance of your garage door. Additionally, it offers reassurance by protecting your family from the potential hazards that come with a broken spring.

Is it possible to operate a garage door if the spring is damaged?

If you happen to find a broken spring, it is advisable to avoid using your garage door opener. Utilizing the opener while the spring is broken can result in expensive problems, such as causing damage to the garage door panels.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Why do garage door spring break during winter?

Garage door springs have the potential to break throughout the year, but they are particularly susceptible to breaking during winter due to temperature variations. As the temperature falls below a specific threshold, the metal contracts, resulting in a slight shrinkage of the springs. This increased strain during the winter months significantly raises the chances of spring breakage.

What is the typical duration required to repair a spring on a garage door? 

The duration required for the replacement of garage door springs can range from 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on factors such as the type and size of the garage door, as well as the number of springs. In the case of older doors that have multiple components failing, the replacement procedure may take up to two hours or even longer.

We Provide Garage Door Repair at Affordable Rates

At Elite Garage Doors, our certified garage door experts are equipped to handle various types of broken spring repairs. To complete spring repairs promptly, our service trucks stock standard-sized garage door springs, allowing us to fix your springs the same day. Call Today (720) 408-5050. We are available 24/7 for emergency and same-day service.