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Know Garage Door Spring-The Vital Mechanism To Run An Overhead Garage Door Smoothly

Garage Door Spring

A garage at your home or commercial space protects your property from troubling elements including intruders and vandalism. It opens or closes automatically to keep your cars & other property secure all the time. Sometimes, your garage door may encounter technical difficulties. It may cease to open or lock properly due to mechanical inefficiency or some parts found to be broken or warped! That needs to be fixed right away!

Important Facts To Know About Garage Door Springs

Well, garage door springs including torsion springs have an important role in garage door operation. Torsion springs play a vital role in the functioning of most garage door systems. It has certain working principles. It is important to know what garage door springs and how it works. Today we are going to know some facts about the torsion springs of a garage door!

What Is Torsion Springs

Likewise, any spring garage door has torsion springs. They are typically located above the garage door. Torsion springs are coils made up of dense material (large gauge steel wire). It generally stores the mechanical energy with the help of rotating or twisting movement and gets tightened. Such torque or rotating force counterbalances garage doors’ weight which may be between 200 pounds to 500 pounds.

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What Exactly Torsion Springs Do

Torsion springs are largely responsible for opening and closing the door. The entire garage door’s weight is balanced by the torsion springs. The springs coil gets tight as the cables attached to them are pulled. It happens when you shut the door. This creates a tension that stores energy. The energy is then released when the door opens, and the force of the springs helps to lift the door by pulling against its weight.

Life Cycle of Torsion Springs

No garage door spring can last forever! Replacement is inevitable for all of them sooner or later. The garage door is opened or closed time and time again. It will lead to the weakening of the steel present in the springs as the doors become too heavy. Eventually, the springs will break down by making the door closed. The torsion springs can be affected by cold and rusty weather as well. The average torsion spring can last for about 10,000 cycles or around 5–7 years if it is installed & maintained correctly. However, the best quality springs can last 10 to 15 years, but the costs will be higher.

Dangers and Risks of Garage Door Springs

The spring system absorbs the weight of the garage door, which can range from 200 to 500 pounds, every time you open it. A broken torsion spring makes the garage door fall immediately. It may happen at any time, and sometimes it will cause injury or death. The danger will get worse when you decide to repair it on your own. The springs are under a lot of tension, and it is very dangerous to try to fix or replace them by yourself. Some parts of torsion spring invite casualty. They should be handled with proper care and precision. It will need specific tools, techniques, and skills that you will find in a professional team. That’s the main reason why you should contact a professional rather than trying on your own.

Garage door spring replacement cost 

The garage door spring replacement cost can vary depending on the type of opener you have in your garage door. It may also depend on the spring system or customization option you like to use on your garage door. The average garage door spring replacement cost can be anywhere from $80-$200. However, it depends on the type of spring system you need.

garage door spring replacement

The torsion springs aren’t ‘one-size-fits-all’ products. The price spring systems such as Standard torsion springs, EZ-Set torsion springs, and safety coated springs are not the same. It is a major factor that decides the garage door spring replacement cost! The spring replacement cost is also based on the size, material, length, diameter, and wind direction (left or right wind) factors!

The place of purchase, and who will install it matters while deciding the spring replacement cost. If you’re looking to stay on budget, Elite Garage Doors is the best to get the best deal possible while still getting quality products. We have enough years of experience and perfect expertise to provide you with on-time repairs and replacements proficiently. It’s quite easy for our team of qualified technicians to replace or repair your torsion springs.

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