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Garage Door in Different Seasons

Garage door in different Seasons

Garage door problems are an all too common occurrence for homeowners. From temperature changes and extreme weather conditions, your garage’s hardware may fail to work properly which can lead to property damages or hazardous situations in the home. Fortunately, with a little maintenance upkeep, you can keep these systems running smoothly, so they don’t affect what time of day it is when we enter through our garage doors!


The benefits of proper garage door seasonal maintenance are more than just cosmetic. You will prolong the lifespan, improve operations and prevent costly emergency repairs with this simple task!


The winter can be a trying time for your home and its most basic components, including the garage door. Moisture from condensation or freezing rain may cause sticking issues that are difficult to fix with just routine cleaning – but don’t worry! We have tips on how you could prevent this problem in future winters by doing some simple maintenance now through our regularly scheduled seasonal services at Custom Garage Door Repair.


Neglected garage doors are a major safety hazard that can lead to additional strain on your opener. This will cause it not only to refuse open or close but also leave you stranded, either outside in cold weather conditions with no way inside whatsoever -or trapped indoors during inclement ones if there is any sort of rain forecasted!


Pay attention to any unusual or audible issues with your garage door. Some common sounds that signal an issue include grinding, scraping, and screeching which can be caused by damaged systems in need of repair as well as old parts wearing out over time.


The garage door is your home’s first line of defense against intruders. If you notice any loose or worn-out parts before opening up the gate each day, make sure to call a professional immediately for help identifying potential issues that could lead to dangerous situations like burnt wires near an outlet – these problems often happen without us realizing until there’s already too much stress put onto our mechanisms because we weren’t paying attention enough during installation!


A door that’s off-track can be dangerous and costly, so it pays to have a professional check your balance. To test out the stability on our doors we release them from their opener with one hand while holding up against an angle in front of us until they stay put – if not then there might need some adjustments made before someone gets hurt!


The black, rubber weather stripping on the bottom of your garage door insulates and protects it from air transference as well as moisture penetration. If this important piece is cracked or damaged in any way then you should replace it to ensure optimal efficiency when opening up for business!


Keeping your door’s moving parts well-lubricated will extend the lifespan of your hardware, prevent damages and ensure smooth functionality. Consult with a local garage door expert to find out what kind of spray lubricant is best for you – they can recommend specific products or simply suggest applying oils on certain areas as needed as springs instead!


Your garage door is an essential part of your home. So, take care to maintain it so that you can use this important space in a safe and secure manner! Cleaning up after yourself will ensure proper functionality for years down the line – but there are also safety features worth noting as well: make sure all dirt build-up on photo-eye sensors has been cleared away before raising or lowering any section.


Not only will a clean and maintained garage door improve your curb appeal, but it’ll also affect the quality of life inside. Make sure wood or metal doors aren’t cracked; check that all hardware such as locks are in good shape make certain rusted sections have been removed before painting, so you don’t end up with another problem later down this road again!