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Is It Better To Hire A Garage Door Repair Company

garage door repair

Unlike numerous homeowners, you appreciate the thrill and contentment that accompany do-it-yourself garage door repairs. Engaging in DIY garage door repairs not only allows you to economize but also presents an enjoyable weekend endeavor. But never forget that garage doors consist of several hazardous moving parts. DIY garage door repair might not be a good idea if you have no idea about the moving garage door parts & specialized tools. Performing regular maintenance on your garage door can be done by yourself! 

Take a minute to think about these reasons why it is better to hire a garage door repair company

You might void your warranty.

Your garage door probably came with a warranty at the time of purchase. Many garage door manufacturers include a provision in their warranty. It specifies that only a qualified garage door technician is authorized to repair the door. Trying DIY repairs or modifications can instantly void the warranty. If your garage door malfunctions, you could end up paying hundreds or even thousands out of pocket because you void the warranty.

garage door repair

Saving a significant amount of money.

What many individuals fail to recognize is that the expense associated with garage door repair is relatively low. It is more budget-friendly compared to various other forms of home maintenance. It is not only inexpensive but fixed by our team easily and quickly. DIY approach will cost you more than our professional garage door repair. It assists in saving time, both in your tasks and your anxieties.

Risk Turning a Small Problem into an Expensive One.

Incorrect information regarding garage door repairs can be dangerous! Using the wrong garage door part or inappropriate repair will lead to more expenses later. An instance where a door becomes misaligned is a minor issue that can be easily resolved. However, if the repair is not done properly, it may result in the entire panel collapsing. A broken garage door is way more expensive than the cost of hiring our professional.

garage door repair

It’s dangerous.

Never make a mistake in repairing the moving garage door parts. Insufficient professional training in any field raises the likelihood of sustaining injuries. They are heavy, and the door springs hold a tremendous amount of tension. The garage door has many moving parts and may weigh hundreds of pounds. You may have experience opening the door regularly. It does not necessarily mean you have the expertise to handle repairs. Erroneously loosening a single fastener could result in a sudden release of significant stored energy. It will pose a high risk of severe injury. Our team is well-versed in garage door safety protocols. We are equipped to carry out repairs on garage doors and openers safely.

You may lack the appropriate tools or components.

It is important to acknowledge that ordinary tools have their limitations. The majority of repairs for garage doors and garage door openers typically necessitate the use of specialized tools. Utilizing inappropriate tools for the task can pose a significant risk of injury. It is advisable to resist the temptation of seeking replacement parts online or from a nearby hardware store in an attempt to save money.

garage door repair

Bottom Line

It is crucial to acknowledge that attempting to repair a garage door on your own can pose significant risks. It will end with higher expenses compared to the amount you may save. If your garage door is not functioning properly, it is highly recommended to seek assistance from Elite Garage Door for optimal outcomes.

Our price is relatively much less than your DIY approach. We have served Aurora & all the Colorado community for years. We are dedicated to exceeding customer expectations. Our dedication to honesty is something we are proud of. You can rest assured that there will be no unexpected costs to worry about. Contact us today for a quotation if you need a fast and professional garage door repair.