Ensure Longevity: Properly maintained garage doors can last for decades with minimal repair needs. Unsure whether to repair or replace? Our expert team provides assessments and preventative maintenance, along with tips to guide your decision-making process. Contact us today for efficient garage door solutions.
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Garage Door Repair vs. Garage Door Replacement

Properly maintained garage doors have the potential to endure for multiple decades. It also needs less repair or replacement. While certain garage doors can be repaired, others may necessitate complete replacement. But how do you know a garage door needs a repair or a replacement? The most effective method to ascertain the issues is arranging an AMC appointment with our expert team. Our team of skilled technicians specializing in garage door repair and replacement provide the preventative maintenance you need. In the meantime, we recommend some helpful tips that help you determine whether you need a garage door repair or replacement. Or which is better?  

Repair Garage Door Cosmetic Damages

Visible, yet simple cosmetic damages can often be repaired. Items such as decorative hardware, weatherstripping, and eye sensors are coming under easy garage door repairs. In the absence of structural damage or rust, a fresh coat of paint can often revitalize your garage doors.

Replace Damaged Sections

Some damaged garage doors can’t be repaired. However, a simple replacement of a garage door section may be the way to make it run again properly. One effective method to ascertain the necessity of replacing the entire garage door is by considering the age of the garage doors. At Elite Garage Door, we help you determine when a garage door repair is sufficient. We can tell you when a full garage door replacement is needed. However, replacing a new garage door can improve performance, enhance curb appeal, and increase your home’s value.

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Replace Older Garage Doors

Do you think your garage doors have been running for the last 15-20 years? Is it not operating as new? Now it is time to replace your garage doors. Older garage door repairs often cost more than installing new ones. The reason for this is the restricted availability of components and enhanced designs for garage door openers. Upgraded garage doors offer improved noise reduction, enhanced functionality, and a boost in curb appeal.

Replace Garage Doors for Improved Efficiency

Opting for a fashionable yet energy-efficient garage door can enhance the overall look of your home. It also reduces the energy costs. As garage doors age, they may lose insulation. It will lead to increased energy expenses. Are you facing challenges in finding a simple fix for your garage door’s insulation? It may be wise to consider replacing your current doors with new insulated ones. It lets you enjoy comfortable temperatures.

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Initiating the Procedure for Garage Door Replacement

Residential garage doors come with options for style updates, noise reduction, and increased efficiency. It will greatly improve the quality of your home. You need not wait until your door is on the verge of falling apart to consider replacing it. Our garage door replacement service is here to assist you in this endeavor. 

By scheduling a consultation, you will gain valuable insights into enhancing the functionality of your garage doors. We can replace the springs, rollers, opener, or a new overhead garage door to make it run like new. We ensure the service to repair loose springs or replace parts is a step in the right direction of determining if a garage door replacement is needed.  

A new garage door could be the perfect solution for enhancing the appearance of your home’s exterior. It will require minimal upkeep. Select from a wide range of designs to complement any architectural style. Once you’ve found the door style for you, contact our garage door replacement team in Aurora, Colorado to purchase and install your new garage doors. We are serving Denver and the surrounding areas as well.