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What Makes The Garage Door Noisy: How To Fix Them

Centennial garage door repair

Are you dealing with a loud, noisy garage door in need of Centennial garage door repair? Your garage door is designed to enhance convenience and improve your overall experience! Hence, it is important to address any unusual sounds ASAP. It is necessary to keep the door in top working condition. Laid down here are some of the common problems and solutions that reduce garage door noise.

Improper Installation

Are you experiencing any loud grinding, rattling, or squealing noises when operating your garage door? It may happen due to improper garage door installation. Slapping sounds can indicate a loose chain. The vibrating, rumbling and rattling may happen due to loose nuts or bolts. The presence of delayed response and alignment problems suggests that the pulley system or other components have been installed improperly. Using improper equipment, lower-quality springs or system parts, and human error cause several garage door issues. It slows down the garage door operation. It may damage the springs or other garage door parts may already be damaged.

Centennial garage door repair

Worn Rollers

The rollers wear with time. The greater the frequency of door usage, the quicker the rollers will deteriorate! They can cause your door to move out of alignment or make it slip off of the tracks. It might cause a squeaking, screeching, or vibrating sound. Depending on the type of rollers you have, you may need to lubricate or replace them with a plastic steel or nylon roller. Should you discover the need to replace your rollers? We recommend contacting our team of specialists. We ensure proper installation and maintain your door’s alignment

Poor Lubrication

How to maintain the optimal performance of your garage door? It is crucial to ensure that all components are sufficiently lubricated. Lubrication plays a vital role in preventing rust and corrosion. It could be the reason for unpleasant noises such as squeaking, grinding, clinking, and rattling. Do you notice any of these sounds? It is a clear indication that your garage door requires more frequent lubrication. To keep your door functioning smoothly, it is recommended to apply silicone spray or white lithium grease every six months. This regular lubrication routine will help keep your garage door operational and reliable! You should contact our professional if you notice any parts that need repair.

Off-Balance Door

It is possible to identify when your door is not properly balanced. Do you hear any scraping noises? It means that the door is rubbing against the house. On the other hand, banging sounds suggest that the door has come off its track while popping noises indicate that the springs have snapped. Are the springs loose or old? One side of the door may move slower than the other. It may be a cause of an imbalance. In the case of broken torsion springs, the garage door may fall rapidly and become misaligned. How to check if your door is off-balance? Turn off the power, manually lift the door, and slowly release it. If the door slips or slams shut, it is essential to seek assistance from a professional. Because an off-balance door can cause serious injury.

Centennial garage door repair


The garage door opener plays a crucial role in your system. It allows safe entry and exit from your home. With a dependable opener, you can rely on its functionality for up to 10 to 15 years. However, unusual sounds like straining, grinding, or buzzing could be the signal your opener starts failing. This could be due to the motor overheating or simply being too old to operate efficiently. By upgrading your technology, you can promptly address any issues with your opener. We are available to give you a long-lasting and safe opener function experience.

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