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The Cost Of Repairing And Replacing A Garage Door Spring: It Can Vary

garage door spring replacement

Garage door springs play a crucial role in the smooth and safe operation of a garage door. The garage door springs play a crucial role in offsetting the garage door’s weight. It makes the garage door operation easier.

There exist two primary categories of garage door springs. Torsion springs are situated above the door, while extension springs are positioned on the sides of the door. As time passes, these springs may deteriorate or sustain damage. A malfunctioning spring has the potential to disable the garage door and create a safety hazard. It necessitates a replacement to ensure continuous door functionality. 

You need to replace it once it is weak or gets damaged! It involves some cost. Various factors influence the cost of replacing garage door springs. At Elite Garage Doors, we provide a comprehensive understanding of the expenses involved in this essential garage door spring replacement or maintenance task.

garage door spring replacement

Factors Influencing the Price of Garage Door Spring Repair and Replacement.

Torsion Springs: 

Replacing torsion springs usually results in increased expenses for both materials and labor because of their intricate design and placement. However, they are known for their durability.

  • Extension Springs: These springs are generally less expensive to replace than torsion springs but may require more frequent maintenance.
  • Size and Weight of the Door: The size and weight of the garage door will influence the type and strength of the springs needed, impacting the overall cost of replacement.
  • Number of Springs: Some garage doors are equipped with a single spring, while others have two or more. The total cost will be influenced by the number of springs that need to be replaced.
  • Professional Labor: Hiring a professional technician for garage door spring repair and replacement is advisable due to the high tension and potential danger associated with garage door springs. The inclusion of professional labor expenses will add to the total cost.
  • Brand and Quality: High-quality springs from reputable manufacturers often cost more but offer better longevity.
  • Additional Components: In some cases, the replacement of other components, such as cables, pulleys, or rollers, may be necessary, adding to the total cost.
garage door spring replacement

Average Costs of Garage Door Spring Replacement

The price of replacing garage door springs can differ based on the factors discussed earlier. Typically, the cost of replacing a single garage door spring by a professional can be anywhere between $150 and $350, while replacing two springs may range from $200 to $600. These figures encompass the cost of the springs, labor, and any extra components required for the repair. It is important to mention that these estimates are general and may vary. It is based on the location, specific door requirements, and the rates set by different service providers.


The replacement cost of garage door springs is determined by several factors. To name a few are the type of springs, size & weight of the door, the number of springs, professional labor, and additional components. Given the critical role that garage door springs play in the safe and efficient operation of the door, homeowners should prioritize timely replacement to avoid potential safety hazards and operational issues. Homeowners can ensure they make well-informed decisions and budget accordingly for garage door spring replacement by having a clear understanding of the primary cost factors involved. For more information on garage door spring replacement costs please visit https://elitegaragedoors247.com/ today!